About Us

Mystery Bags to Go!

What we are:
  • Goodwill mystery bags contain exactly what's promised, in the correct size indicated.
  • We have 2 different types of bag: Basic and Designer.  Basic bags have 12 basic brands in them ($9.99). Designer brands have 12 of the brand name indicated in it ($19.99).
  • However, the selection is a mystery - you have to open it to find out. (How fun!)
What you can count on:
  • The bags contain deeply discounted, first quality merchandise grouped in specific categories and sizes.
  • All items went through the original inspection process and were deemed high enough quality for sale.
  • All items went to the sales floor, but never sold and were rotated off.

Viola! You have the mystery bag!

What we are not:
Goodwill mystery bags don't know anything about you.
  • We don't ask for any of your personal information and therefore don't have custom bags made just for you.
  • We won't be the same every week but that's a good thing.
  • We can't customize your order based on your style.

For a video about Goodwill's Mystery Bags and how our process works, visit https://youtu.be/yVcrhWClZeI.

Sound good?

We hope you enjoy the bargain of your mystery bag!
Curbside pick-up is easy. See details by the listing.
All sales are final.