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      Goodwill Good to Go Boxes!

      What we are:
      • Good to Go Boxes contain exactly what's promised, in the quantity and correct size indicated.
      • The selection is a mystery - you have to open it to find out. (How fun!)
      • All proceeds help fund Goodwill Northern Illinois' mission programs.  Goodwill's mission is to create opportunities for individuals with barriers to enhance their lives.
      What you can count on:
      • The boxes contain deeply discounted, first quality merchandise grouped in specific categories and sizes.
      • All items went through the original inspection process and were deemed high quality and ready to sell.
      • Based on Goodwill pricing, value of boxes will range from $50 - $200 or more and will vary with selection.
      • We restock "our shelves" every Friday so be sure to check!
      • We now offer shipping!  Just fill your cart, checkout and we'll ship your box to you.  All shipping is a flat $5.00 per box.

      Viola! You have the Goodwill Good to Go Box!

        Sound good?

        We hope you enjoy the bargain of your Good to Go Box!
        See details by the listing.

        All sales are final.